Every Sunday, our children join us in the sanctuary as we worship God together. Mid-service, our kids are prayed over and then brought up to our Sunday School. During Sunday School our kids dive into age relevant bible teaching that is aimed at planting gospel seeds in their hearts that will grow and blossom into vibrant faith as they grow older. Each of our age groups has leaders that loves children and who enjoy teaching and bringing the Word of God to life. At the end of the service, parents are to pick their children up from their respective sunday school room. Our sunday school rooms are all located on the second floor of the church.

Q: What ages of classes do you offer?
A: We presently offer two classes—one for children aged 3–6, and another for children ages 7–11.
Q: Does your church have any policies in place to ensure my child is kept safe?
A: Yes, Wentworth has a Child Care Policy, which you can read by clicking here (.pdf)

A volunteer staffed nursery is available to use for children aged 0 – 30 months. It is located on the main floor of the building, near the bathrooms. Volunteers enter the nursery when the kids are sent to Sunday School. At that time,  you can bring your children to the nursery and then return to the service to worship and hear God’s word. Or, if you would rather, you can stay in the nursery with your child.