When Jesus was speaking to his disciples before he ascended back to heaven, he gave them what we know now as the Great Commission. The first word of this commission is “Go”—go out from where you are, out from where you’re comfortable, out from where you find yourself now, and go towards where God is asking you to go in order to fulfill his mission of making disciples and serving others.

At Wentworth, we send out congregation out into the world to engage in God’s mission in their personal contexts. This means that our church is non-programatic by nature, and can be varied in its ministries depending on the passions and capacities of our congregants. We also want to release our church to engage in mission wherever they find themselves during the week, and so celebrate involvement in school councils, neighbourhood associations, homeless shelters, pregnancy care centers, and other organizations through which they can bring God’s kingdom to bear in the relationships in their lives.

Wentworth also has a strong history of sending out missionaries around the world, both long term missions as well as short term team missions, through Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM). For more information about our partnership with CBM, visit our Partnership page. For more information about missionaries we support throughout the world, check out their images and updates on the bulletin board outside the sanctuary or speak with Pastor Seán.