Worship—Centring Ourselves on Ultimate Reality

Life is complicated and often difficult. Everyone, at one point or another, finds themselves asking life’s larger questions of meaning and purpose, where to find strength, how to experience peace… how to lighten the burden that we carry on our shoulders.

It is our experience that when Christians gather together as a family of believers in order to respond to God’s work in our lives, our worshiping together begins to center and transforms us from the inside out in mysterious yet unmistakable ways. Jesus did not just come to save us, but came to make us fully human—it is in worshiping together that we begin to learn and experience what being fully human actually means.

There are a variety of ways we worship together as a church family. On Sunday mornings we sing, pray, & apply the scriptures to our lives together. During the week there are opportunities for scripture study, prayer, and caring for our neighbours. For an up to date calendar of events, including various opportunities to worship throughout the week, please refer to our Church Calendar.