This policy is to safeguard personal information entrusted to Wentworth Baptist Church and to comply with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and any other applicable legislation.

Privacy Principles:

Wentworth Baptist Church is committed to protecting your privacy. This Statement of Privacy applies to the Wentworth Baptist Church Web site and governs data collection and usage at all Wentworth Baptist Church sites and services; it does not apply to other online or offline sites, products or services. The website of Wentworth Baptist Church is a general audience website, intended for users of all ages. Personal information of all users is collected, used and disclosed as described in this Statement of Privacy.

1. Accountability

Each church Board, Committee, employee, and volunteer is responsible for maintaining and protecting the personal information under its control and is accountable, for such information, to the Board of Directors. 

2. Identifying purposes

Wentworth Baptist Church collects and uses personal information about individuals solely for the following purposes:

  1. To enable communication;
  2. For the purposes of event registrations;
  3. To provide income tax receipts; and,
  4. To meet statutory and regulatory requirements.

Business contact information and certain publicly available information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers as published in telephone directories, are not considered personal information.

The only circumstance under which personal information may be disclosed to third parties is for the fulfillment of any purposes identified above, or as required by law. Where personal information is disclosed to third parties for the fulfillment of any purposes identified above, the church will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the third party has appropriate security procedures in place for the protection of the personal information being transferred.

3. Consent

Unless we hear otherwise, the provision of personal information on official church forms constitutes consent for the Church to collect, use and disclose personal information for the purposes stated in this policy. An individual may refuse or withdraw consent at any time, subject to legal and contractual restrictions and reasonable notice. The choice to provide us with personal information is always the individual. Decisions to withhold particular information may impact one’s ability to meet specific requirements for the provision of certain services. 

An individual may refuse or withdraw consent by contacting the Church Clerk at clerk@wentworthbaptist.ca.

4. Limiting collection

The personal information the Church collects shall be limited only to that which is necessary for the purposes identified.

5. Limiting use, disclosure and retention

The personal information the Church collects will only be used or disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected, unless an individual has consented or when it is required or permitted by law. Personal information will be retained only as long as is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was collected, or as required by law.

6. Accuracy

Wentworth Baptist Church will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that personal information is as accurate, complete, and current as required for the purposes for which it was collected. If an individual finds any inaccuracies in our information, they should inform us and we will make the appropriate corrections promptly. In some cases, the Church relies on the individual to ensure that certain information, such as mailing address, email address and telephone number, is current, complete and accurate.

7. Safeguards

Wentworth Baptist Church uses appropriate security safeguards to protect personal information from risks such as loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration. Safeguards include physical, administrative, and electronic security measures.

All employees and volunteers of the Church are required to abide by the privacy standards established herein. They are also required to work within the principles of ethical behaviour, and must follow applicable laws and regulations. In the course of daily operations, access to personal information is restricted to those employees and volunteers whose job responsibilities require them to access it.

8. Openness

Wentworth Baptist Church will provide information to individuals about our policies and procedures relating to the overall management of personal information that is under our control or with regard to specific personal information about which an individual may have a concern.

9. Control Your Personal Information

Wentworth Baptist Church offers its members choices for the collection, use and sharing of personal information. You may notify us of your preferences by emailing us at info@wentworthbaptist.ca. Please be sure to provide complete account information so we can identify you in our records.

10. Revisions to this policy

Wentworth Baptist Church may occasionally update this Statement of Privacy as necessary. If there are material changes to this Statement or in how Wentworth Baptist Church will use your personal information, Wentworth Baptist Church will prominently post such changes prior to implementing the change. Wentworth Baptist Church encourages you to periodically review this Statement to be informed of how your information is protected.