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At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, churches around the world were forced from meeting in person. Instead, we had to find new ways to worship God using digital technology. Our church has also been discerning its future, especially related to our building. We quickly realized this move to online platforms was an opportunity God was inviting us to use to prepare us for renewed ministry.

In the Bible, the theme of exile is important and repeated. Right now we are on a journey from what we’ve known into the unknown—from safety into digital Babylon. We are called by God to follow Him faithfully on this journey, and as we do we can expect things to look differently than we have known while also knowing that God is with us.

As we go on this journey, and restrictions and lifted or reinforced, we know that our plans must be dynamically responsive. As such, we’ve created a phased reopening plan for our church that will help build Jesus-centered community as the center of our church’s life.

We are presently in STAGE ONE of our phased reopening.
Stage three and four are being planned for implementation throughout 2020/2021, according to public health recommendations at that time.

See below for slides outlining each stage of our reopening. There are also resources related to each stage, as well as links to public health guidelines.

Public Health Guidelines

All church-related gatherings, small or large, MUST follow public health guidelines. This includes physical distancing, limits on numbers of people, mask-wearing, etc. Please read guidelines carefully and follow them diligently, for the sake of our family in Christ and our neighbours.
Hamilton Public Health
Ontario COVID-19 Information Hub

Regulations for Churches
Hamilton Public Health Guidelines
Ontario Guidelines for Religious Services
Workplace Safety and Prevention Services (Places of Worship)